About Barbara
Nature Photographer
Though I love taking photos of anything that catches my eye, my preference is flowers, birds, wildlife and landscapes. 
I am currently working on capturing Hummingbirds in motion and freezing their wings.  It has been a challenge, but a rewarding one.  
For over 51 years I have lived in the Southern California area.  
I have taken several awards for my photography at the Los Angeles County Fair (LACF) in the past 4 years. 
I would one day like to:
          o Travel to Alaska to capture the wildlife and scenery
          o Travel to the New England Area to capture the fall colors
           o Travel over to Italy 
           o Travel to Scotland (my cousin owns a B&B over there) 
           o Just get out of California altogether.  

All images copyright Barbara Stolar.
All Rights Reserved

If you are interested in obtaining any of my photos please contact me using the form below. 

Thank you!
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